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Joint leadership

INSA on their shared part-time management position

Composite portrait of Ina Skultety and Isabell Kormos, each consisting of one half of the body.

Making a career in part-time – is that even possible? Yes! Ina Skultety and Isabell Kormos, two part-time managers, report on how they are better able to combine their professional and private lives through job sharing, what measures they use to organize themselves and what it takes for job sharing to work successfully.

Ina Skultety and Isabell Kormos sit opposite each other at a table and work on their laptops.

Ina and Isabell were prepared to take a risk and applied for a managerial position at Bosch Power Tools - together! And with great success. The two are now department heads in Central Logistics at Bosch Power Tools and share global responsibility for the logistics processes in the production plants. The special thing about their management model is that they are not only jointly responsible, their associates don't even have to decide who they talk to. The two bosses have an acronym – INSA – and even share an e-mail address. Trust, structure and empathy are the secret recipe that only seems to benefit everyone involved.


Ina Skultety and Isabell Kormos share a part-time management position at Bosch Power Tools. Job sharing makes this possible. This not only gives the two department heads a better work-life balance, but also offers a number of benefits for theirassociates.